About Hyungwon

Hyungwon Kang

photojournalist, visual storyteller

As a photojournalist for more than a quarter of century, Hyungwon Kang has been a witness to history. Kang has worked for Reuters, The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times and TIME Magazine. During his tenure in journalism, Kang has served as a Photographer, Photo Editor, Front Page Photo Editor, Photo Assignment Editor, and as a Manager of Photo Department. Currently, Kang works as Senior Picture Editor at Reuters Pictures North America Desk. Duties include assigning and editing of news, sports and feature coverage of the U.S. and Canada as well as participating in news coverage as needed.

The elemental nature of a photograph preserves history more reliably than any written language

"The meaning of words change over time. History gets rewritten to better reflect upon those who hold power. Both influences fog our understanding the longer we live after the event. But a photograph tells the same story twenty or a hundred years after it was taken as it did when the photojournalist pointed a camera at a human event and pressed the button."
by: Hyungwon Kang, June 29, 1989
(From the Streets to the Olympics: Korea, Democracy, and the 24th Olympiad, 1987-88)